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Experience Is Everything is a first-of-a kind specialist in always-on packaging. We provide end-to-end experiences for companies looking to maximise the value of their connected packaging with their customer base around the world. We do this through a team of creative, technology and marketing specialists, geared to capitalise on the explosive growth in connectivity worldwide. We help global brands take control of meaningful direct connection with customers via the 'owned medium' their packaging.

What is Connected Packaging?

Connected packaging is the next big positive disruption within the marketing landscape. It will bring brands and consumers closer together, put clients further in control of their own marketing eco-system and prove hugely cost effective as well as highly efficient in engaging consumers and growing sales.

How Connected Packaging Works

This new report by Experience Is Everything, a specialist in always-on packaging, investigates the conditions for the explosive growth in connected packaging worldwide over the coming decade. Written by Experience Is Everything founder, Paul Simonet, with contributions from marketing leaders including Orlando Wood and Caspar Thykier.

  • The market for connected packaging has reached a strategic inflection point, from the point of view of both supply and demand, and is beginning to experience extremely rapid growth
  • Connected packaging, using AR, achieves creative impact and emotional response rates (using System1 Research) for brands way in excess of advertising norms
  • Connected packaging achieves engagement rates amongst users way beyond other digital channels used by brands
  • Provides a comparative calculation base that shows connected packaging is financially more efficient at engaging users than other digital channels
  • Shows how connected packaging is crucial to the acceleration of brand’s sustainability and transparency ambitions
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